“Infinite Joy”

Infinite joy happens on the streets. From the rattling Lagos bus, painted yellow, packed full of humanity and hopes, to the air-conditioning units blowing it out in banks and offices and vehicles. It calls out from the roofs and tiles, rolling off in great waves that can only be seen in the steaming downpour of […]

On Returning

It’s no news. I’ve been absent from this space since January. Before that time, when people talk about mid-life crisis and life issues, I stare as though at the Mona Lisa, uncomprehending. “Life issues” to me was what people said when they were being irresponsible, when they wouldn’t do their jobs. “Life issues” was an […]

Something New

I can’t write anymore.

It just is no longer there, layered under my consciousness, something I can easily reach for and bring to the forefront of my awareness, like my breathing. Easy to forget and just as easy to recall.

The Company

Originally posted on omenana:
By Sanya Noel Welcome. I will be the one taking you around. Don’t stretch out your hand to shake anybody’s again. If you shake hands, or attempt to, it will be noted in your file. My name is Joel. You are to call me “Sir,” like you will call all male…

Little Notes: The Sun Is Out Again.

Today, The sky is a bit sultry but the sun serves a brilliant contrast to it- a hard, globular diamond peeking through at the edge of one giant fluff of cloud. This doesn’t lasts for long though as the dazzling white diamond-rays recedes, the world dims and my brother laughs out aloud from inside our […]

The Deep Blue Sea

This is a micro-fiction. THEME: Salvation. WORD COUNT: Less than 300. Doctor Hymar looked first at his patient, then his surgical mates and back to her. She was 18, light skinned with a rumpled nose that belittled her beauty, an undergraduate of UNILAG, and pregnant. After a day of labour, her cervical canal was too […]

Dreams: Lost and Found

“Say it again!” I demand in a cracking fit of laughter. As if searching for what was wrong in his statement, Aiki mouthed it again, slowly dropping the words with the scrutinizing carefulness of a health inspector at work. “Aeronautical-engineering.” Another bawl of laughter flies across the lawn as I nearly choke myself with loud […]

A Day in Lagos

​ Chika Ebuka sat quietly at his table while his eyes roamed all over the spacious canteen that had just served him lunch. To compare this miserable shack with any of the snazzy restaurants in uptown Manhattan would be the height of blasphemy, Chika thought. From the reception downright to the service, everything was poor […]

The Electripathic: Part Four

But this was no space: it
was an existing reality
created by humans that
only she could see, Dr
Connor had told her a few
months ago. She was immersed in the internet,
and all winking lights were
the data points of
innumerable connected
computer devices.